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Epidural Blood Patch

What is an epidural blood patch?
An epidural blood patch is an injection of autologous blood into the epidural space or dura. It is not an injection into the spinal cord itself. The spinal cord and spinal nerves are in a sack containing clear fluid called cerebrospinal fluid. The area outside the sack is called the epidural space. A small amount of blood is injected into the epidural space.


Why would I need an epidural blood patch?
A small number of patients that have had an epidural injection experience very bad headaches after the injection, usually worse when standing and better when lying down. This is due to a persistent leak of spinal fluid into the epidural space. Although the headache itself is harmless, it can be very severe and very debilitating. Your doctor may ask you to come to our clinic for an “epidural blood patch”. The injection of a freshly drawn sample of your own blood into the epidural space “plugs the leak” and the headache goes away.

How long is the procedure?
The actual injection takes only a few minutes, but please allow an entire hour and a half for the procedure from beginning to end; this will include talking to your doctor before the procedure, signing the informed consent, positioning in the room, and observation by the recovery room nurse afterwards.Follow us on social media: