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Percutaneous Discectomy

What is a Percutaneous Discectomy?

A percutaneous discectomy is a procedure that makes a very small incision to remove a portion of herniated disc material that is pressing on the spinal cord or nerve root.

How is the Procedure Performed?

The procedure is performed by using an instrument to make a small incision near the disc. The instrument is guided by use of X-ray and inserted between the vertebrae and into the middle of the disc. The disc material is removed by cutting it out, sucking out the center of the disc, or using lasers to burn or destroy the disc.

What Can I Expect After Surgery? 

You may go home the same day after having the surgery. Pain medication will be prescribed. For several weeks after surgery, you’ll need to avoid long periods of sitting and avoid bending, twisting, and lifting.



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