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Sacroiliac Joint Pain

sacroiliac_jointWhat are sacroiliac joints?

There are two sacroiliac joints in the lower back, both sit on each side of the spine. The main job of the sacroiliac joints is to carry weight from a person’s upper body when they stand, walk, or shift the weight to their legs. Sacroiliac joint pain may start as dull lower back pain, but it can migrate to the thigh, groin, buttocks, or upper back.  At times, when a person stands up they may feel the pain in their lower back and often times they feel it more on one side of the lower back then the other side.

Why am I experiencing sacroiliac joint pain? 

There are several reasons a person is suffering from sacroiliac joint pain:

  • Playing sports
  • A slip or fall
  • Jogging regularly
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Ankylosing Spondolitis
  • Pregnancy


What are some ways I may find relief for my chronic sacroiliac joint pain? 

Coast Spine Medicine provides physical therapy treatment for sacroiliac joint pain at one of our several offices in Orange County or the Inland Empire. Physical therapists help patients do exercises that help them strengthen the joints and improve their flexibility. In addition to learning how to walk correctly, the physical therapist may administer hot and cold to the areas, ultrasound treatment, stretching, and massage.

Injections are another option for sacroiliac joint pain. Dr. Moheimani may choose to inject a corticosteroid to reduce inflammation however, Dr. Moheimani offers platelet rich plasma injections directly to the sacroiliac joint that not only relieve the pain but regenerates and repairs the joint damage.

The last result in treatment for sacroiliac joint pain is called sacroiliac joint fusion. Dr. Moheimani performs sacroiliac joint fusion by using pins and implants to join the bone to the joint.Follow us on social media: