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What is a Synovectomy?

When part of your synovium becomes inflamed, it can cause the  entire joint to swell and become tender. In this minimally invasive procedure, your surgeon makes a small incision and inserts a scope with a specialized tool to remove the inflamed tissue.Synovectomy is an operation performed to remove partial or all the synovial membrane of a joint. The procedure is either by classic arthrotomy or arthroscopy.

Arthroscopic synovectomy has many advantages over open synovectomy: including minimal invasive surgery, short hospital stay, diminution of postoperative joint stiffness, and better complete synovectomy.

Arthroscopy allows for a more accurate diagnosis and facilitates the ability to ascertain small, localized areas of synovitis.
In an arthroscopic procedure, the excision can be restricted to the areas of involvement in the localized form. When total synovectomy is indicated, an experienced arthroscopist can more adequately perform a total synovectomy than an open Arthroscopy.

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