Alpha-2-Macroglobulin: A Preventive Treatment for Arthritis

Arthritis Treatment Los AngelesArthritis is a debilitating chronic pain condition that affects millions of baby boomers around the world. Research shows that the progression of osteoarthritis may be prevented with alpha-2-macroglobulin. What is A-2-M? Alpha-2-macroglobulin protein found in your own blood that prevents the breakdown of the cartilage which leads to further progression of arthritis. In an osteoarthritic joint it is not able to counteract the further breakdown of the tissue. Coast Spine & Sports Medicine directly injects A2M into your arthritic joint. It is expected to be the first treatment for osteoarthritis that can inhibit all causes of cartilage breakdown, reduce pain, and stop the progression of arthritis. To learn more about A2M or schedule a consultation, please contact 888-826-1660.Follow us on social media: