Leg Pain Treatment in Orange County

Leg pain can be caused by minor conditions like muscle strains that get better in a few days or weeks. For others, leg pain is severe and disabling. Coast Spine and Sports Medicine offers comprehensive treatment plans to relieve leg pain for men and women in Orange County, Los Angeles County and Inland Empire.

What Is Leg Pain?

Leg Pain Treatment in Los AngelesLeg pain refers to pain of the thigh or calf that may vary in intensity depending on your activity. Leg pain is usually the result of overuse or wear and tear, but it can also be caused by an injury to the muscle, bone, ligaments, or tendons or it can be traced to issues with the lumbar spine. This pain may occur in only one leg or both legs and it may come with other symptoms such as throbbing, numbness, weakness, muscle cramps, or a tingling sensation.

How Much Does Leg Pain Treatment Cost in Santa Ana, CA?

The cost to treat leg pain can depend on many factors including the cause and severity of your leg pain, how well your pain responds to conservative treatments, and your insurance coverage. For your convenience and to make your care as affordable as possible, Coast Spine and Sports Medicine accepts many types of health insurance and financing through CareCredit®. During your initial appointment, we will review the cost of your care with you.

What Causes Leg Pain?

Leg pain can be caused by a wide range of conditions ranging from minor to serious. Common causes of chronic or severe leg pain include:

  • Diabetic Neuropathy
    • This is a form of nerve damage caused by diabetes which can cause numbness, pain, burning, and tingling.
  • Arthritis
    • This condition affects joints, including the ankle and knee joints, which can cause leg pain.
  • Sciatica
    • This condition happens when the sciatic nerve is compressed and causes pain, weakness, and/or tingling sensations to radiate from the buttock down the leg.
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis
    • This condition is a type of arthritis that primarily affects the spine, but about half of people with AS also develop inflammation of joints in the legs and arms.
  • Bursitis
    • Bursitis can cause pain that ranges from nagging to intense in the thigh, hip, or other joints when the fluid-filled sacs of the joints are inflamed.
  • Herniated Disc
    • A herniated disc in the lumbar spine can cause pain in the legs when a nerve root is compressed.
  • Peripheral Neuropathy
    • This is a type of nerve damage that can cause nerve pain in the legs.

What Leg Pain Treatments Do You Offer?

The best treatment for leg pain will depend on the cause of your pain. At Coast Spine and Sports Medicine, we will develop a tailored treatment plan to help you find significant relief.

Muscle pain treatment in the leg may involve physical therapy, PRP injections, and high-intensity laser therapy (HIL). Nerve pain in leg treatment may require a more nuanced or in-depth approach. For sciatica leg pain treatment and other forms of nerve pain, we may recommend radiofrequency ablation, nerve blocks, and PRP injections. In rare cases, surgery may be required such as surgery to correct a herniated disc or release a compressed nerve in the spine.

You don’t need to live with chronic or severe leg pain. At Coast Spine and Sports Medicine, we will work with you to develop an effective treatment plan that addresses the cause of your pain. Contact us today to request an appointment at one of our locations in Los Angeles County and Orange County, CA.