Does Rain Really Cause Pain?

Pain Management in Los Angeles

Today is a rainy day in Southern California, and you may have noticed a few extra aches and pains or arthritis or low back pain flare ups. We have all seen it, someone with osteoarthritis or lower back pain complains about flare ups on cold rainy days. But why does this phenomenon happen?Why does rain cause pain?

There is one theory that the lowering barometric pressure allows tissue to expand. Pair this with existing nerve sensitivity, scar tissue, adhesion or other injury and you have a recipe for increased pain in any area which already experiences pain.

Dr. Moheimani of Coast Spine & Sports Medicine shared that while there is no “quick-fix” to rainy day aches and pains, PRP & Stem cell therapy is a wonderful regenerative solution to heal the damaged tissue. For more information about PRP & Stem Cell treatment, contact us at (866)826-1660.