PRP Injections for Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder Pain Treatment in Los AngelesWhy are shoulder injuries so common among bodybuilders? The most debilitating conditions affecting body builders are shoulder bursitis and/or tendonitis. They are common injuries due to overuse where the arm is continuously used in an overhead motion such as swimming, throwing a football, or baseball. The pain is usually felt at the tip of the shoulder and radiates into the upper arm. While overuse is the most common cause of shoulder bursitis, a loose shoulder joint may cause it as well. The best way to heal tendonitis in the shoulder is the rest the muscle, warm up, and exercise to strengthen the shoulder. If it is not healing, a PRP injection to the affected joint will greatly improve the chances of improvement!

While rest, strengthening exercises, and continuous warm ups may improve shoulder bursitis cases where surgery is necessary do occur. A PRP injection is a non surgical alternative to shoulder surgery. The platelet rich plasma is injected directly to the tissue in a quick in office procedure. Because no drugs are utilized during a PRP injection, it remains a drug free and natural alternative to traditional shoulder surgery or corticosteroid injections.
Shoulder Pain Treatment in Los Angeles