The Role Gender Can Play In Recovery

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly doing well in rehab this time. She had the option of rehab or jail, she chose wisely, and is now participating in treatment for 90 days.

Rehab has not been super effective for LiLo in the past, but reports say that she asked to be transferred from The Betty Ford Center to Cliffside Malibu because drugs were being offered by other clients said an orthopedic surgeon.

This Time Around

Lindsay seems to be taking care of herself this time. She wants to do the work to stay sober, so the temptation, supposedly OxyContin, was disturbing to Lindsay. Not we know her, but we hear enough about her behaviors to think that Old Lindsay may have said “Screw it!” and taken the opiate to get high, completely forgoing the days of sobriety she had achieved.

Not New Lindsay though. She’s clean, and doing the work. No Orange County pain management needed.

Would she be doing even better though if she was in an all womens drug treatment program? Gender-specific rehab is yielding great results for addicts from all walks of life. There is something about a same-sex friendship that cannot be recreated with someone of the opposite sex.

Co-Ed Controversy

Pictures have surfaced of Lindsay with coed co-clients. Is she in any way risking her sobriety by maybe dressing up to impress the male clients? Are clients naturally distracted by the presence of the opposite sex?

Lindsay may be sharing stories of why she started using in the first place, and something tells me her dad has a role in that. Would you be as open sharing that information with a room full of men and women as you would be sharing in a room full of women? Is a woman going to be more at ease talking about her past in an all womens drug treatment program?

Is a man going to be as comfortable talking about past sexual encounters during his active using life when there are female clients present?

Treatment is different for everyone, but what would you prefer?

Time Will Tell

We may have more time to find out what works best for Lindsay Lohan because it has been recommended that she extend her rehab stay to longer than 90 days. The treatment team at Cliffside Malibu believes Lindsay, and celebrities overall, need more time than people who are not constantly in the public eye.

Maybe Lindsay can try a 30-day program in an all womens drug treatment facility. Maybe there are other skills and strategies for changing her life that will come during that additional time. If you’re reading this Lindsay, girl, do whatever you can to get your life back into your own control. You are a talented actress and people love paying attention to you, so use that all for good. Think of the roles you could play next. Think of the future that lies ahead for you, if you can continue a life of recovery from drugs, alcohol, and outrageous behavior that gets our legal system involved.

Try anything you can to make sobriety your reality. We are all rooting for you!

Kate Green is a substance abuse and addiction counselor for Balboa Horizons Treatment Services. She spends her time gathering information that can help those who are struggling with recovery and are in need of help.