PRP Knee Injections in Orange County

PRP & Stem Cell Therapy in Los Angeles
Orange County orthopedic surgeon Dr. Michael Mohemani offers PRP knee injections.

Dr. Moheimani offers non surgical platelet rich plasma injections in his offices in Orange County and the Inland Empire. What is platelet rich plasma and why is it so valuable to someone seeking pain relief?

Platelet rich plasma, or PRP, is a concentrated form of of growth factors and cell mediators that have been shown to greatly promote the repair of damaged tissues. The knees might become damaged due to trauma, such as a car accident or sports injury. The knee joint may also break down over time due to a chronic condition called osteoarthritis. The breakdown of the knee tissue will eventually lead to pain, joint stiffness, and sometimes swelling.

No matter the cause of knee pain, the fact is it can be debilitating. Individuals that are suffering from chronic knee pain or knee injury are less likely to exercise, causing them to gain weight over time. Dr. Moheimani can perform an injection of platelet rich plasma or PRP into the knee joint in a quick outpatient procedure.

The affected area is injected with platelet rich plasma or bone marrow aspirate, and it may be used to treat acute injury or long term degenerative disease. The concentrated platelet rich plasma, PRP knee injection, releases growth factors and cell mediators that have been show to greatly promote the repair of damaged tissue.