Regenerative Treatments for Osteoarthritis in Orange County

Osteoarthritis is a chronic condition in which the cartilage that cushions the joint, begins to break down. The breakdown of this tissue will eventually lead to pain, joint stiffness, and sometimes swelling. Articular cartilage is the highly specialized connective tissue found in the joint. Its principal function is to provide a cushioned surface for load bearing activities. The articular cartilage covers the bone surfaces in the joint and when the cartilage degenerates it causes the surfaces of the bone to rub against each other, leading to the complications of osteoarthritis.

What are some symptoms of osteoarthritis?

Pain: the joints may ache and the pain may be sharp or feel like a burning sensation. For some people, the pain may be intermittent. Constant pain or pain while sleeping may be a sign that the arthritis is getting worse.
Stiffness: getting out of bed in the morning becomes more difficult with osteoarthritis. The joints may feel stiff until you start moving. Stiffness may also occur after sitting.
Reduced range of motion: as osteoarthritis progreses, bending, flexing, and extending becomes much more difficult. It can progress to the point of total dysfunction.
Sleep problems: the pain and stiffness of arthritis can disrupt sleep. And sleep problems may make it harder to cope with the pain.
Crunching: your joints may make crunching sounds. This noise may also occur in a normal joint, but when combined with other symptoms of osteoarthritis, this noise becomes more significant.

Groundbreaking treatments for Osteoarthritis in Orange County.

Dr. Mohemani of Coast Spine Medicine is proud to offer ortho biologic treatments for Osteoarthritis in his offices in Orange County and the Inland Empire:

Mesenchymal cells from bone marrow: a great source for regenerative mesenchymal cells and platelet growth factors for patients under 45 years of age. The aspirate material is found in the illiac crest of the hip bone and processed with the GenesisCS Bone Marrow Concentrating System.
Mesenchymal cells from adipose: a great source for regenerative mesenchymal cells and platelet growth factors for patients of all ages. These cells are attained from lower abdominal or gluteal fat.
Pure PRP Growth Factors from Blood: the growth factors are attained directly from your own blood. It is then processed int he GenesisCS Pure PRP Concentrating System to produce the best form of platelet rich plasma available. Pure PRP provides the highest concentrations of growth factors without the inflammatory or red blood cell content that may cause pain after injection.

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